Thursday, September 4, 2008

Day eight - uben diaries part II

Breaking Fast with Crew of Kugiran Hujan ke UK Foundation

When i was breaking my fast, i want to drink the coconut juice. So i asked my friend noh to pass the coconut juice to me. Noh said that coconut is bad it will give me stomache. He introduce to me orange juice because it is much better. But after i drank the orange juice, noh drink all the coconut juice by himself. This prove that he want the coconut juice. He use the red herring technic to trick me to take the orange juice instead of the coconut juice.

Day eight - uben diaries part I

Self-fulfilling prophecy

Football is my everything.Since i was kids, i have a big dreams to be a great footballer like David Beckham.For me, he had everything in his life such as a beautiful wife and a luxury lifestyle surrounded him.When i grew up, the spirit to play football getting more eager and eager.I tried to compete with other players to grab a place in my school football team.But.. i realised that i wasn't good enough in football.However, i dont gave up, i never missed any training.I work so hard to improve my skills.Suddenly, one day, the coach announced as he pick me as the best player in the team.Ohhh.... im felt glad and happy.Since then, my spirit to improve my skills getting more eager and eager.

And now, i play in MMU league with my team Black Emperor. Huhu,

Wednesday, September 3, 2008

Day seven - uben diaries part II

Why MAN UNITED is my Favourite team?


- Manchester United is the best team.


- Manchester United won the Champions League .
- The best team won the Champions League.

Day seven - uben diaries part I


yeah! i just finished my quiz for management subject, i hope i can get more marks because of my effort yesterday, huhu, go! go! go! hahaha, hmmp., hahh., before im go back home, i must go to security new building to collect my sticker car. Duhh, where is the building?? i called my friend alan but he didn't answer. ohh. please god, help me.. my stomach feel so bad, hmmp., i should be more patience because now is fasting day.. arggh, i must get the sticker today, because i cant enter campus without the sticker.

After 5minutes i walking around in the campus, i saw a one guard who standing at the E.R.U main entrance., "encik., can u give me the direction to go to security new building." i asked the guard. "ohh, the building is in front of grand hall and near to swimming pool.," said the guard. Oh thank you!! huhu,

when i reach there to collect the sticker, the staff who incharge,in my opinion doesnt seem in a good mood.In my first thought,i remembered what my buddy had told me about the behaviour and services of the MMU stuff.(sorry to say this,hehehe).Since what my buddy,fit@casanova had told me about the behaviour of the MMU stuff and i already saw with my two round and black ball of eyes,MMU stuff can be considered rude and unethical at first place.So,if we interpreted into critical thinking knowledge,this situation can be considered as Affirmative Consequent.It stated here that if you are a MMU stuff,you are rude.Therefore if you are rude,you are a MMU stuff!!(NOTE: NO HURT FEELINGS!!)

But the most important here is,I've got my car sticker to enter the campus!! No more stop by the security at the entrance!! huhuhu..

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Day six - uben diaries part III

hmmp., i feel so sleepy., maybe eat too much, huhu, argghht! i need to study, tomorrow is my quiz for management subject. 10%. Hmmp., need to cover part 1 and two., huhu,

Me and my friend stay up to figure out about the chapter and how to understand it. I use the brainstorming technic to make the subject simple and can apply on my daily life make me understand much more clearer.

Day six - uben diaries part II

huhu, yeah! this is my first time celebrate my puasa at cyberjaya., huhu, well, the environment at cyberjaya in ramadhan is very nice and happening. The time shows, i already prepared to go to Bazar Ramadhan to buy some food. ohhh., we need to go Putrajaya because there is the only place where have Bazar Ramadhan.

When i reach there, in the first part, my assumption is the crowd at the bazar Putrajaya is not too crowded. But im totally wrong, there is so many booth of food can we choose there.

Lastly, im go back to cyberjaya and enjoy my break fast with a smiling face, huhu.

Day six - uben diaries part I


Its been a boring day for me as im the only one who staying at home. I quickly grab my car key and decided to drive around kl city just to fulfill my free time. As i was driving along Jalan Tuanku Abdul Rahman while listening to radio, i heard a string sound like a motorcycle sound. When i looked at the mirrow, i saw a bunch of motorcyclist called as 'Mat Rempit' whom i assumed them as bunch of loser. They getting nearer and nearer as the sound getting more heavy. They passed me as fast as a rocket. That really shocked me. As they fast as rocket, this assumption that i made known as simile in Critical Thinking knowledge.

Monday, September 1, 2008

Day five - uben diaries part II

Queen Control? hmmp., no way..

Today the muslim world has enter the first day of Ramadhan. As the first day of Ramadhan, i was promised to my lovely girlfriend Nurul Shuhada to break fast together. She being so upset as she wants to break fast together with me. She said that if i did not break the fast together with her today, she will not see me again. This situation can be assumed as scare tactics fallacies in Critical Thinking . Huhuhu,

This is one example of scare tactics fallacies:

Day five - uben diaries part I

PS2? cool..

I when to my friend house to play some games. While i was playing my friend advice me that i have to study hard for my final because my carried mark is low. My friend telling me that his carried mark is lower than me but he never start studying for final because he is busy playing game.

He is using Ad hominem abusive fallacy. This is because he told that i have to study but he didn't start yet while his carried mark is much more lower than me.

Sunday, August 31, 2008

Day four - uben diaries part III

I still remembered when i was kids, my mom always remind me to brushed my teeth, huhu, she also said, if i don't brush, i will never get a beautiful girlfriend because of my ugly teeth. huhu,

In Critical Thinking knowledge, i can assumed that point:

- If you dont brush your teeth
- They will fall out
- you will look ugly
- no one will marry you
- you will live alone
- so, you should brush your teeth

In Critical Thinking knowledge, this situation is called Ad Populum Appeal to indirect consequences.

Day four - uben diaries part II

My new hair

I just cut my hair, and the first thing in my mind is to buy my favourite wax GATSBY. Huhu,

-According to the picture.. i want to related this in the Critical Thinking view.


Strong and long keep.


Ultra hard hair arranging power creates wild but casual hairstyle.

Day four - uben diaries part I


On 4th September, i will be gather back with all the crew of hujan band at somewhere in sunway. I remembered the trip to London together with all the crew accompany the Hujan band as they perform at Cardiff, Liverpool,Sheffield and London to entertain the Malaysian student there. As that was my first trip to U.K, i felt myself as strangers as i did not know anything about the place especially the culture. I still remembered, whenever im heading to or walk around the place i need a map to guide me to the right place. I was totally depend on the map through out my journey here. I assume when i went from one place to another place, i depend on the map or in other words, i depend on explicit knowledge.

Saturday, August 30, 2008

Day three - uben diaries part III


Today's date is 30th August 2007. Sharp at 12.00a.m tonight Malaysia our beloved country will celebrate its 51'st Independence Day. Frankly deep in my heart, Im really thanks and appreciate what our grandparents already did to secure the independence. Ok, we back to reality. huhu, clock shows 11.30p.m, im still stuck in the middle of traffic. I was supposed to gather with my fellow friends at this time. Thank god, i did arrive 15minutes before 12.00a.m. We celebrated at the KLCC as there were many events take place. There were thousand of people crowded as water in the sea. By assuming those people that were very crowded as water in the sea, i assume this as as metaphor in Critical Thinking knowledge.

Day three - uben diaries part II


Hmmp, i will finished my Degree in another 3years, hmmp., sometimes, i have a feeling want to stop study and try to find a job.Hmmp., i don't know why, maybe my spirit to study is getting lower and lower. But my mom always said if i not continue my degree, i will suffer and hard to find a good job. Ohh.., but i realised that what my mom said is true, so, i should study hard and focus to my study and don't think all negative things.

Day three - uben diaries part I

Unknown Biography

I love photography! wherever i go, my SLR camera always in my side. From many picture that i i see, this is my favourite picture, this shows a secret emotion between this two child.

Based on this picture, i can assume this two child is hoping something miracle to come and changed their destiny.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Day two - uben diaries part II

fit and awan

from left: Fit,awan,alan,me,
med and bobo

Yeah!!! rugby rugby rugby., huhu, actually, i dont know how to play rugby BUT seriously i've a hope to be a great rugby player! haha, who knows?? huhu, ( all rugby players have a nice shape body.. hahaha.., want to be one's of them., huhu)

MMU vs Nilai University College

Actually, to come and see the rugby match between MMU and Nilai college is not in my plan. But.. my friend Fit said that i would regret if i don't come to see this match. So, for not make him feel so dissapointed, i come and support him, huhu,

In this situation, i can assumed that my friend Fit use the ad hominem circumstancial fallacies in Critical Thinking knowledge. This is because, Fit is so excited invited me to come that is actually, he is one of the player of MMU team.

Day two - uben diaries part I

Chicken rice or Nasi lemak?

Now, is the time for me to relax. I don't know why i feel so stress and tired, hmmp., krinnggg!! krinnggg!! my handphone suddenly ringing., "uben! nasri here, im at terminal now, do you want anything for lunch? i can buy for you, but, not in the expensive price, hehe, which do you like better? chicken rice or nasi lemak?"hmmp..,"huh? ermm, anything la.. its up to you."

i assumed that my friend nasri is used the leading question to persuade me answer his question.

Thursday, August 28, 2008

Day one - uben diaries part III

ohhh., im hungary..! hmmp., i want cheesy wedges, xmeal mcd, chicken wing, teh tarik! huhu, but.. i cant go for dinner because i have management presentation tomorrow., so, that must be prepared. duhh! "weyh uben! come la.., join us, Bangsar jom! huhu, please dont be so hardworking ok, this is time for dinner." said fit as my dance partner.

Ala..., my work is still pending but my stomach is so hungry., i must quick to make a decision.. my friends is waiting for my answer wether i want to go or not. Fit started telling me that it is un cool to stay at home while we cool people go out and chill at Bangsar, and fit also add if i dont go i am not cool., argght! that is really make me feel so guilty for not going., my friends fit use appeal to common practise to persuade me to go with them as the cool guy. Suddenly i feel like im cool like beckham! hahahahaha.,

Day one - uben diaries part II

When i reach at the book store to do my printing job, i give all my work to the staff and go out to have a drink to calm my mind before my next class. Ohhh.. i fell so relief that i have one hour to spare before my class start.. huhu, i go to terminal to have some drink with my friends. "awe.. teh aiss satu" that is me telling the waiter.

When i was enjoying my drinks, one of my friends start to open up some current issue that is the government lower the oil price by 15cent. A lot of assumption accur about this topic. For me this a very good topic and very good news for me, this is because im a car user and i consume oil a lot.

Eyhh., i think my printing is done, and i go back to the book store to pick up all my works.., huhu, yeah! finally its done., huhu, i ask the staff wether my printing is finish or not, "ohh, yes, all together is RM12," said the staff. Huhhh! i was shocked how come it would be RM12, usually i print the same work at the hostel the price is about RM8.., hmmmp., like it or not the works is done and i have to pay.., please godd! give me an idea to solve the problem.. haahhhh! why not i use the critical thinking knowledge that would apply to this situation. "Kak.., please give me a discount because i only brought RM8.." and the kakak refuse, so i persuae by telling her that i could get bar if i dont submit this work today with my pity face, so the employee agree to give the discount to me. I use appeal to pity to persuae the staff of the book store to give me discount, and finally i get! Thank you Critical Thinking!! huhuhu,

Day one - uben diaries part I

kring..!! kringggggg!!!!!!!! arghhh!!! my alarm shows 11a.m.My heads felt heavy as my healthy condition wasnt in a good shape.But, i need to attend Critical Thinking lectures at 12p.m as the lecturer was one of my favourite lecturer which i will feel bad if i miss this class.

Arghhh! i forgot that i have to settle the printing job for my presentation tomorrow, duhh, that make me feel so stress thinking about it.Without wasting any time, i rush to the book store, but i forgot how to go there from the library to the book store.So i use my 'implicit knowledge' that i learn in my critical thinking class that verify how to get from point A to point B with my experience.
I reach there at the neck of time.......